Solution & Technology Architecture

LGS have proven expertise in guiding the customers make the right decision for their business on the digitally transform journey.  Our experts will guide your decision makers like the CEO’s, CFO’s and CIO’s to understand the latest technologies and how it can transform their businesses in the digital world. LGS have a proven methodology to understand customer business and technology landscape accurately and vision for the future in coming up with the set of technology recommendations to ensure the decision-making process is in the best interest of the short  and long-term goals of the customer organisation. Because of our deep-rooted expertise in and across Microsoft stack of technologies, we are able to come up with most innovative technological solutions to solve the most complex business problems. We expertise in business process automation, reducing or removing manual handling and overheads where reasonable. Some of the areas where we can assist your organisations in the early stages of the digital transformation journey are

  • Enterprise architecture
    • Business process mapping (As Is & To Be where relevant)
    • Aligning your business processes to your strategic goals
  • Solution architecture
    • Assist in identification of most optimal IT solution to meet your business need and architecture
    • Guide every step of the way in implementing and embedding the solution for your organisation
  • Technology architecture
    • Understand your current technology landscape
    • Assist in designing the Microsoft azure-based technology landscape to house the infrastructure
    • Guide every step of the way in implementing the technology architecture

Integration Services

LGS prides itself as a specialist integration services provider. We have successfully assisted our clients in integrating following application (suites) with Dynamics 365

  • Dynamics 365 to BPOINT integration for
    • Credit card payment processing
    • Direct debit payment processing
  • Dynamics 365 to master card integration for
    • Employee travel expense management
  • Dynamics 365 to MS flow for business process automation
  • Dynamics 365 to legacy applications integration via azure services like
    • Azure service bus
    • Azure logic apps
    • Azure functions
  • Dynamics 365 to Office 365 integration
  • Dynamics 365 to SharePoint integration
  • Dynamics 365 to Mobile applications integration
  • Dynamics 365 to PowerApps integration
  • Dynamics 365 to PowerBI integration

Implementation Services

LGS came to market as a trusted Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner in 2011, ever since LGS has achieved many successful Dynamics 365 deployments with highly satisfied customer base. Some of the industry sectors we pride to have successfully supported in transitioning to Dynamics 365 suite of applications are

  • Heavy equipment dealerships
  • Not for profit sector

LGS experts can support your D 365 implementation in following phases / activities

  • Project planning
    • Develop D 365 fast track implementation plan
    • Setup Azure Dev Ops (ADO) to support the project plan i.e. Business process à Epic à Feature à User story structure
    • Identify key resources to support the plan and acquisition of such resource base
    • Develop a project stakeholder matrix
    • Setup ADO build pipelines and deployment automation
  • Project management
    • Execution, tracking and reporting of project progress using ADO
    • Project issues and risks management and optimum mitigation plans
    • Go live planning and checklist development
    • Change management support to internal team
  • Technology architecture
    • Develop a full technology architecture based on the current systems landscape and future technology aspirations of your organisation
    • Help setup the technology architecture working in conjunction with organisations IT teams
  • Solution architecture & design
    • Develop a solution architecture which is scalable, agile and seamlessly adapts to changing business needs and technology
    • Lead implementation of the agreed solution architecture and design
    • Assist in developing and finalising detailed designs for features, user stories
  • Configuration
    • Configure the application to meet business need and as per agreed design
    • Support loading of reference data required to make the application functional
  • Customisation
    • Customise the application by writing specific code to meet business need and as per agreed design
  • Deployment
    • Plan roll out strategy in conjunction with key stakeholders
    • Support end to end data migration planning and execution
    • Assist in deployment planning and development of deployment checklist

Manage deployments across one or many waves to achieve successful go lives

Web Development

Web Development is a significant step to open your window to the world and build your brand. It is important to have a creative and user friendly website to digitally transform your business.
We develop website for a purpose, which is to drive an enquiry which in turn can lead to sales. We are expertise in designing and developing a tailor-made responsive website for your business to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Digital Marketing

In this growing digital era having a perfect digital strategy is not a mere luxury anymore. To successfully promote your business online you need to balance between creativity and strategies. Our expertise will do that for your business by bringing the right message in front of right audience at the right time. We reach out to your prospective clients with meaningful digital marketing.